Details of the Fund


Domicile: Cayman Islands
Date of Incorporation: 6 Feb 2007
Fiscal Year end: 30 April
Type: Open-end structure

Minimum Investment

Minimum initial investment: US$100,000
Minimum subsequent investment: US$10,000

Subscription and Redemption

Subscription: Anytime, pricing will be based on the month-end NAV.
Lock-in period: 1 year
Redemption: Mar, Jun, Sep, Dec
Redemption notice: Minimum 2 months before redemption quarter.
Minimum redemption: US$10,000

Fee structure

Loadings: Zero
Management fee: 1.5% p.a. (payable quarterly)
Performance fee: Chargeable if the Fund’s NAV meets the following 2 criteria:
i) NAV exceeds 6% annual rate of return and
ii) NAV exceeds 6% annual compound rate of return

The performance fee will be 20% of the amount exceeding 6% of net annual rate of return.