Our value investment philosophy is best described as “Intelligently Eclectic.” What do we mean? Value investing has demonstrated itself as a superior investment approach over long periods of time.

The objective of Capital Dynamics is to seek capital appreciation while reducing the margin of error when investing. This is achieved with a rigorous, innovative and well defined value investing approach.

Stock selections of Capital Dynamics are based on divergences between market prices and the underlying intrinsic values of the companies. In this way a margin of safety is built in.

Guided by Benjamin Graham’s famous counsel “Investing is most intelligent when it is most business like”, the vital goal is to determine the company’s value and what is driving the valuation.

Unlike conventional value investing, Capital Dynamics incorporates key macro-economic factors and takes into account the country that it is investing in. The objective of Capital Dynamics is to obtain a sound investment framework that allows it to have a clear perspective of how economies, markets and sentiment interact and how this interaction influences its investments.

Capital Dynamics believes that its distinctive value investing philosophy provides it with an unsurpassed edge in identifying investment opportunities for its clients.

Our team of professionals is headed by our highly experienced Managing Director, Tan Teng Boo. As a result of his fascination with the stock market, his working experience and academic background, he has, over more than three decades, acquired an uncanny insight into the global equity markets and the listed companies. In addition, he possesses an innate understanding of the major global economies. He graduated with honours from Sussex University, England, majoring in Economics.

A “fanatic’s” interest has enabled him to be very familiar with the different methods of investment analysis and approaches – understanding their strengths and weaknesses. He possesses the unique ability to blend his investing skills with his business experiences. As a result of his having a foot in both camps, Teng Boo is widely recognised as one of the most consistent and experienced fund managers. As a highly regarded investment expert, the views and opinions of Tan Teng Boo are very frequently sought after by the media.